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We are hiring

We are proud to identify as pioneers in sustainability – it's what makes us who we are today. And we remain ambitious.
We intend to become a leader in clean mobility materials and recycling, and expand our sustainability concept to gain an even greater competitive advantage. Join our team and pursue materials science, chemistry and metallurgy at top level.


After swotting theory at university for years, you will need practical experience in a company to steer the path of your career. At Umicore, we offer students of various majors the opportunity to supplement their theoretical knowledge with valuable insights into all kinds of work areas of our globally successful industrial company Whether as a trainee or while working on your thesis – get a foothold in professional life.

Find out what your strengths are and which career path you might enjoy most. Establish useful contacts for the future. We offer further education opportunities and sponsorships even after you have completed your studies. Umicore is a multi-faceted company with a focus on chemistry, materials science, metallurgy and recycling.

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