Umicore closes the materials loop for lithium ion batteries – presentation at "Battery + Storage"

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Stuttgart, 30 September 2013. Materials technology and recycling group Umicore presents its solutions in the area of materials for rechargeable batteries and battery recycling at the “Battery + Storage” international trade fair for battery and energy storage technologies.

Continued population growth and improving global living standards are expected to increase the need for transportation of people and goods in the coming years. To satisfy this growing demand in an environmentally friendly way, there must be a transition towards clean mobility via hybrid, electrical or fuel cell drives. Umicore is the world’s leading producer of battery materials for hybrid and electrical vehicles. Dr. Paul Spurk, Application Technology Manager in Umicore’s business unit Rechargeable Battery Materials, explains: “Our battery materials are already being built into more than 15 vehicle models that will be introduced into the market by the end of 2014. In addition to our extensive established Asian clientele, we have for example recently signed a contract with Evonik Litarion for the supply of cathode materials for large format lithium ion batteries.”

At the end of their life cycle, products manufactured by Umicore can be recycled and returned into the reusable materials loop with the help of a unique technology. Umicore’s recycling capabilities include expended automobile emission catalytic converters, used rechargeable batteries, fuel cell components and production / e-waste containing precious metals. The company is able to recover more than 20 precious and specialty metals in the recycling process. Currently, Umicore operates two disassembly plants for spent batteries of hybrid and electrical vehicles, one of them located in Hanau, Germany. The company’s extensive knowledge in the areas of rechargeable battery materials and battery recycling allows it to have a unique and above all else a holistic view on the development of electric mobility. During his speech at the “Battery + Storage” conference, Dr. Jan Tytgat, Senior Manager EU Government Affairs, explained Umicore’s recycling process: “We currently operate the only recycling process for Li-ion batteries at an industrial level and compliant with all EU battery guideline standards. Through recycling, Umicore converts the most important  battery elements to new battery materials. As one of the world’s leading producers of active cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, we offer our customers a closed materials loop.”

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How to find us at the “Battery + Storage” trade fair

Together with the competence network KLiB, an association for companies and research facilities that are actively involved in the field of lithium ion batteries or want to become involved in the future, Umicore presents its know-how at “Battery + Storage” with experts in the fields of Rechargeable Battery Materials and Battery Recycling. Umicore will be jointly present with the KLiB at the common stand (hall 2-C 11) on all three trade fair days. Jan Tytgat, Umicore’s expert for battery recycling, will also give a speech about the subject of “Recycling of Electric Car Batteries: Umicore Technologies and Basic Legal Conditions” on Tuesday, October 1st from 2.30 to 3.00 p.m. as part of the “Battery + Storage” conference.

Information about “Battery + Storage”

“Battery + Storage” is the first comprehensive trade fair for European mobile and stationary energy storage production. It combines the various technological approaches and solutions that businesses can already offer in one single location – and it provides an overview of the new technological solutions that can be expected in the coming years. It is therefore an important platform for the energy transition that can only succeed with the corresponding storage solutions. This applies both to energy supply with various kinds of renewable energy and to sustainable mobility.

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