Umicore appoints Frank Daufenbach as Chief Strategy Officer

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Frank Daufenbach will join Umicore’s Management Board as Chief Strategy Officer effective December 6th. In this newly created role, Frank will support the Management Board in their strategic choices, both within and across Business Groups, as they are preparing Umicore’s next growth phase as a leader in clean mobility materials and recycling. 

Frank will report to CEO Mathias Miedreich who took office at the start of October, and brings strong international and automotive experience in various strategy and operational roles, especially in clean mobility.

On top of strategy, innovation and technology leadership remain at the center of Umicore’s priorities. Therefore, the Corporate Research & Development activities will henceforth also resort under the direct leadership of the CEO. These R&D activities will continue to focus on the longer-term Group technology roadmap, while also supporting R&D efforts in the different Business Groups and fostering technology synergies Group-wide. In addition, the customer-centric technology developments will be further intensified within the different Business Groups, building on close proximity to and thorough knowledge of the different customers and end-markets.

About Frank Daufenbach

Frank has the French, German and Canadian citizenships and completed his Master’s Degree at the HEC Business school in Paris, France, in 2002. He currently works at Faurecia, a leading global automotive supplier with a strong focus on sustainable mobility, where he serves as Vice President Strategy and Marketing of the Clean Mobility business group. His prior roles include those of consultant at Monitor Deloitte, KPMG and Oliver Wyman. 

“I’m pleased to welcome Frank as Chief Strategy Officer at a crucial moment in Umicore’s history. Our commitment to materials technology and innovation has established Umicore as an undisputed leader in clean mobility materials and recycling and as a pioneer in sustainability.

Frank with his rich experience, open personality and leadership style, will be an asset in supporting the Management Board and the Business Groups in maximizing our full potential as we are writing the next chapter of Umicore’s growth strategy.”

Mathias Miedreich, CEO of Umicore

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