Umicore announces changes to its Executive Committee and Board

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Umicore announced today some changes to the composition of its Executive Committee, that will be effective from 1 April this year, and some changes to the Board of Directors to be approved by the next Ordinary Shareholders’ meeting on 26 April.

Executive Committee

Marc van Sande, Executive Vice President Energy & Surface Technologies, will retire on 31 March after 38 years of service. Marc has led the business group through a period of huge change and his technology and business leadership have made a unique contribution to the development of Umicore. He had previously held other key positions in Umicore, including five years as Chief Technology Officer and the leadership of our then Advanced Materials business group. He began his career at Umicore in 1980. Marc’s talents and vast experience will continue to benefit Umicore, as he has been appointed as Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors.

Denis Goffaux, Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed to succeed Marc as Executive Vice President for Energy & Surface Technologies. Denis has been Chief Technology Officer since 2010 and added the responsibility for Precious Metals Refining in 2015. Prior to that, he occupied successive business line and country management functions in China and Japan. For three years he was Umicore’s first general manager in Cheonan (Korea), which is now one of the major production sites for Rechargeable Battery Materials. Denis will act as Chief Technology Officer ad interim until the appointment of a successor.

Stephan Csoma will take on responsibility for the entire Recycling business group including Precious Metals Refining. Stephan has been a member of our Executive Committee since 2012, prior to which he set in place our advocacy activities. Since joining us in 1992 Stephan has acquired operational experience in China, South Africa and South America, as well as leading the former Zinc Chemicals business unit.

The other Executive Committee functions of Marc Grynberg (CEO), Filip Platteeuw (CFO), Géraldine Nolens (Chief Counsel) and Pascal Reymondet (Catalysis) remain unchanged.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has decided to propose Koenraad Debackere as a new Board member, to replace Rudi Thomaes who will not seek re-election. Prof. Dr. Ir. Koenraad Debackere has been with K.U. Leuven since 1995, where he teaches Technology and Innovation Management and Policy. He has won numerous awards for his research and for scientific excellence, and in 2010 was awarded a Francqui lecture chair in economics and business. He brings considerable experience as a board member of scientific and educational organizations as well as companies and his experience stretches outside Belgium, with council and board positions in several European countries.

Commenting on the executive and Board moves, Thomas Leysen, Chairman of the Board, said: “I would like to thank Rudi Thomaes for his engagement and significant contribution to the Board of Directors and its Committees since 2012. I will miss Rudi’s insightful and measured opinions and, on behalf of the Board, I would like to wish him well. With the appointment of Koenraad Debackere, which is subject to shareholders approval on 26 April, we will be adding significant expertise to the Board in technology domains that are essential to the future success of the company. In addition, the moves of Denis Goffaux and Stephan Csoma will leverage their competences while providing a welcome degree of continuity within the Executive Committee. Finally I would like to thank Marc Van Sande for his outstanding contribution to the transformation of Umicore over the last two decades. I am delighted that, as Senior advisor to the Board, my colleagues and I will be able to continue to draw on his experience and expertise. I trust that with these changes, the Board and Executive Committee will be able to build on a proven track record and continue to bring Umicore to the next level of development.”


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