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What you could do

It’s limitless. Our teams are at the cutting edge of materials science, chemistry and metallurgy. We have room for operators to work in our state-of-the-art production processes. Our support teams play a critical role in supporting the business growth. Managers at Umicore work on projects that are as exciting as they are challenging. R&D experts develop the technologies that address issues from clean mobility to resource scarcity. Also as a graduate you will make an impact from day one.


At our 45 industrial sites across the globe we use cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art recycling, refining and manufacturing processes to offer innovative solutions to our customers. We are a world leader in many areas of our operation and we supply high-tech material solutions to a wide range of industries. Be it as a technical operator, production supervisor or engineer, our colleagues use their know-how and ideas to benefit future generations.

Research & Development

As we strive to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, we have to continuously look for new solutions. It makes R&D a key component of our strategy and a key reason for our technology-led growth. Across 14 technical centres and through the expertise of 900 colleagues, we focus on developing the technologies that address key global challenges such as clean mobility and resource scarcity. The investment we make in R&D underscores our ambition to remain a leader in materials technology.

Support Functions

As a global organisation, it’s not just those in our industrial sites and technical centres that are vital to our growth. Across our support functions, we ensure that we continue to grow and evolve – whether it’s by making sure our decisions are commercially viable, enhancing our reputation, building new customer relationships or finding the right people who can build on what we have already achieved.