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After swotting theory at university for years, you will need practical experience in a company to steer the path of your career. At Umicore we offer students of various majors the opportunity to supplement their theoretical knowledge with valuable insights into all kinds of areas of responsibility of our worldwide successful industrial company. Whether as a trainee or while working on your thesis - enter professional life. Find out where your strengths lie and what professional direction would be fun. Collect important contacts for the future.

Even after your studies have been concluded, we offer further education opportunities and sponsorships.

We at Umicore provide you with numerous traineeships and exciting tasks and look forward to your active support.

Traineeships – careers start with Umicore

Umicore is a company active in a variety of areas with a focus on chemistry, material sciences, metallurgy and recycling. We offer young, dedicated workers who would like to work in international teams and contribute to innovation and progress a large variety of traineeship opportunities.

Enter professional life and find the traineeship that is right for you from our job offerings.

Thesis – complete your studies, but with prospects!

People who are shortly before completing their university education can start their career doing their thesis at Umicore. At many of our locations, we offer you the opportunity to do bachelor's and master's theses, doctoral dissertations and other degree-related projects in close coordination with colleges and universities so that you are best equipped for your professional future. 

Use opportunities and find appropriate final thesis topics in our job offerings.

Services – what we offer

Our trainees also profit from part of the Umicore services for employees. From the canteen to the public transit allowance, many things will make your work easier.

We make your everyday work more pleasant.

Application process and tips

Every company has its own application processes. Our personnel experts have thus compiled some important information that explains our application process at a glance and simplifies it for you. This is because we want to get to know you as quickly as possible!!

What counts when applying.

FAQs – what a lot of people want to know

Here you will find the answers to questions we are frequently asked. More

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