Power electronics engineer, production technology

Contents and process

Even in our everyday life, almost everything is operated electronically nowadays. And if the electronics fail, absolutely nothing works. It is the same in the chemical industry. For this reasons power electronic engineers for production technology are often knights in shining armour, ensuring the plants run malfunction-free. Your area of application is therefore extensive and extremely interesting – and you are needed everywhere.

At Umicore, you will learn the following:

  • Measuring physical and electrical variables
  • Reading, inspecting and correcting wiring and functional diagrams
  • Developing, assembling and programming systems
  • Using test systems and diagnostic software
  • Evaluating and documenting test results
  • Observing quality assurance and occupational safety

School leaving certificate

You have a good lower secondary school leaving certificate at minimum.


Sometimes the solving of electronic problems requires a lot of patience and staying power. Apply if you fulfil the following prerequisites:

  • Good knowledge of mathematics
  • Manual dexterity
  • Interest in technical and physical connections
  • Careful and concentrated work
  • Fun with teamwork

Duration of training

The regular duration of training amounts to 3.5 years. In case of good performance at school and in the company, the training time may be shortened. The responsible Chamber of Commerce and the company must be in agreement.

Further education opportunities

  • Certified foreman (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Technician
  • Course of study at a university of applied science

Special features

Working "live"

Every day, you will have to work with electrical current. This means you have to make sure that everything is properly wired.

Training locations



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