Chemical laboratory assistant

Contents and process

Chemistry helps to improve the world. Its progress is an exciting and fascinating process in which chemistry laboratory assistants are at the forefront. In your training, you will find out how raw materials are converted into new intermediate and end products.

During your versatile research, development and analysis tasks in the laboratory, you will learn the following at Umicore:

  • Planning testing procedures and setting up the necessary equipment
  • Manufacturing organic and inorganic preparations
  • Separating substance mixtures
  • Testing materials with computer-supported analysis devices
  • Evaluating and documenting test results
  • Observing quality assurance, occupational safety and environmental protection

School leaving certificate

You have a good intermediate secondary school leaving certificate or an (specialised) upper secondary school leaving certificate at minimum.


Chemical laboratory assistants prepare experiments, conduct them and analyse the results – a job that requires a high degree of precision and a consciousness of responsibility. If you also fulfil the following prerequisites, you have a good chance of joining us:

  • Understanding of the natural sciences: You are interested in chemistry, biology and maths.
  • Care: You are characterised by precision, staying power and concentration power.
  • Technical skill: You like to work with modern measuring devices and instruments.

Duration of training

The regular duration of training amounts to 3.5 years. In case of good performance at school and in the company, the training time may be shortened. The responsible Chamber of Commerce and the company must be in agreement.

Further education opportunities

  • Certified foreman (Chamber of Commerce) (focus on chemistry
  • Chemical technician (focus on laboratory or production technology)
  • Course of study at a university of applied science

Special features

Protective clothing

Protective goggles and a laboratory coat are your constant outfit. You often wear protective gloves as well – because safety has priority.


This training is not suitable for persons with allergies towards solvents and other chemical substances.

Training locations

Hanau, Pforzheim, Bad Säckingen/Rheinfelden