Production assistant

Contents and process

In production, everything must run like clockwork. Something good can come out at the end if an exact plan of the processes is created and everyone is informed. As a production assistant, you are the right hand of the foreman. You take care of material purchasing, for example, and keep a close eye on orders, bookings and invoices. If you are well-organised and like maths, you are right for this profession.

At Umicore, you will learn the following:

  • Preparation of production processes
  • Quality inspection of the products
  • Material purchasing: Creation of orders, bookings and invoices

School leaving certificate

You have a good lower secondary school leaving certificate or an intermediate or specialised upper secondary school leaving certificate.


Good mathematical understanding
Technical understanding
Ability to work in a team  

Duration of training

The regular duration of training amounts to three years.

Further education opportunities

  • Technician
  • Certified foreman

Training locations