Descriptions of jobs at Umicore – people make the difference!

More then 1,700 people perform research and production at Umicore in Germany. Each individual plays their part in the success of our company. Each individual decisively contributes to his or her area of responsibility. Here, you can read a few descriptions of professions that work together in our versatile industry in an interdisciplinary manner. Together, we are Umicore!

Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers are in demand for the transfer of materials or chemicals in a technical standard, for example, whenever a raw material becomes an intermediate or end product. One of our engineers spends most of his time designing and planning new plants. Here, he must work as precisely as possible so that no problems arise later during the commissioning of the plant. This also includes the selection of the individual apparatuses and combining them into a closed plant, followed by a technical inspection and regular monitoring and maintenance after commissioning. For each of these projects, detailed project planning is an absolute must: The concrete schedule must be coordinated with the existing resources and a previously defined budget.

Chemical production assistant

Chemical production assistants are experts in industrial production, control production plants and are responsible for all manufacturing processes: Under their supervision, new intermediate and end products are created from raw materials. one of our chemical production assistants for example has been working in this profession at Umicore since the end of her education. Her scope of responsibilities includes two plants that she must operate. This includes the organization of the feed chemicals and their receiving inspection, the manufacturing of the products in the plant, the monitoring of the reactions, the provision of the samples and the preparation of the product for shipping. This work is performed in shifts. During the early shift, the workers must be flexible, as work on other plants may become necessary. During the late shift, when the colleagues from the day shift have off, their plants are shut down and monitored.